Food review: Seeds of Life

Blank Street Press

"As a certified-organic bakery, Seeds of Life is a ‘go to’ place for coeliacs, gluten-free and vegan diners. Their exclusive bakery range of 34 signature products includes savoury breads, such as the popular Thor loaf, sweet breads such as Banana bread, cakes and puddings such as their famous Sticky Date Pudding."

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Seek out the Seeds of Life

Good Food Gold Coast

"Need a lunch that’s made from local organic produce and is completely allergen free?
The founders of Australia’s first organic grain-free bakery, Seeds of Life, recently launched an extension of their business, offering plant-based lunches at their shop in Q Super Centre."

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Urban List

"The Gold Coast's only entirely gluten-free and organic plant-based wholefoods manufacturer had to make our list of the best gluten-free joints. 'Organic gluten-free nutrition' is at the forefront of everything Seeds Of Life does, including in their gluten-free bakery which whips up some seriously delightful treats, sans gluten.

There's also plenty of oil-free, nut-free and coconut-free options available at this family-run bakery and whole food store, so if you have allergies, this is the place to find a delicous alternative. Seeds Of Life is also one of the only places that supplies allergy-friendly catering and plattering boxes on the Gold Coast. Our pick? We're suckers for the 1kg banana bread."