Woolpack is a thermal packaging product we have recently started using to send orders in!

It keeps your product under 5 degrees for up to 5 days.

No harsh chemicals are used in Woolpack’s manufacture. The wool is simply scoured using soap and hot water. This means Woolpack wool felts are 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.

The specifically chosen fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air (hygroscopic), minimising humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures.

The recyclable or compostable liner which encloses the wool is micro-perforated to allow the wool fibres to breathe and create the natural cooling system.

Simply select the woolpack shipping option at check out!


If you are shopping with us outside of Australia, we have another website dedicated to products that are only available for international shipping so you don't have to navigate through this site working out what is available to you.