Heidi and the team create the recipes with 'Organic Gluten-Free Nutrition' being the most important asset, fortunately exceptional flavours naturally fall into place. 

We have a dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen for all of our products and are proud of our cleanliness and high standards. Our baked products are all hand made and cooked on very low temperatures to retain the nutrition within the ingredients. 

All of our products and ingredients are certified organic or biodynamic, and predominately Australian grown. 

The entire collection is;

  • Gluten free
  • Grain free
  • Yeast free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • Preservative free
  • GMO free
  • Made from scratch 

We also have many oil-free, nut-free and coconut-free options available.


There is currently a limited supply of Organic ingredients nation-wide.

As we only supply Organic produce, some of your favourite products may not be available. So we have set up this page to keep you informed of ingredients that we are currently low in stock of.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding that we are doing everything we can to get your favourite products back in stock.

Limited Organic Blanched Almond Meal- This means we are substituting our blanched almond meal for organic natural almond meal and are grinding our own almonds to ensure the almond meal is organic and as fresh as possible. This means some almond based products will have a brown fleck in them and a courser texture than before.

Limited Organic Cranberries- We are still selling our Florentines without cranberries, and have our plain macadamia cookies & amazeballs without cranberries.

Would you like to know how the SeedsOfLife journey began? 

Heidi had been unwell for quite some time and had been diagnosed with an array of auto-immune issues that were very debilitating, not only causing her to give up her career but her independence as well.  
After seeing many practitioners and spending a fortune on medications, supplements and therapies, Heidi still remained unwell. The verdict was there was no point to the 35 supplements she was taking each day as she was unable to absorb any nutrients as her digestive system was a complete mess, with leaky gut, irritable bowel and diverticulitis...not to mention lymphocyte clusters throughout the bowel. Heidi was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in her mid 20's. 

Heidi had a long list of foods she had to avoid...and this list was forever changing and growing. 
With very little 'in choice' to eat and Pete under extreme pressure to run the house, look after the kids and Heidi, Heidi researched the nutrients she was lacking and the foods that were nutrient rich in the vitamins and minerals she needed. Heidi had already began her paleo journey and soon realised seeds and nuts held the nutrition she was seeking. 
Heidi created the Original Seed and Nut bread. It was created with her recommended daily nutritional amounts required within just 2 slices of bread, as Heidi really didn't care for the taste as she was seeking nutrition first and foremost. 
After persevering and throwing out many 'bricks of bread' a star was born, which Heidi ate nearly every meal with a simple topping such as tomato or avocado, a poached egg or some mushrooms... Over time, the family began to love it too. 
Now Heidi's journey didn't stop there... whilst her health did improve somewhat, years later it was a discovery of an inability to process synthetic phosphate that helped her to manage and improve her health dramatically.....and this is why we are so passionate about Organic ingredients.

Our Policies

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

At SeedsOfLife we value healthy nutrition for all of our customers; so we guarantee the high quality and integrity of our Australian-made and sourced Products. At SeedsOfLife We stand by our promise to guarantee the high quality of all wholefood products, in writing. SeedsOfLife is 100% Australian owned and operated and is passionately committed to designing and delivering only the highest quality wholefood products at all times. SeedsOfLife guarantees our products meet the highest quality standards for the life of all products used in all pre-made, breads, loaves, cookies, meals, cakes and premixes.
If you have any issues about the quality of any SeedsOfLife product; please email full details along with your contact number to customerservice@SeedsOfLife.com.au; we will be happy to resolve your concerns.

Exchanges & Refunds

Exchanges & Refunds

 By opening the seal of any SeedsOfLife product; the consumer accepts sole responsibility for the use & consumption of that product. SeedsOfLife have no control over how your products are stored after purchase, therefore we do not exchange or refund if you change your mind. We will replace an item if it is received faulty or not edible, as long as we are informed within 24 hours of the purchase & your receipt is provided. You will be required to return the product to the store within 24 hours. 

SeedsOfLife packaged products should be stored under 5 degrees in an airtight container & consumed within 7 days of the date of purchase. Australian made and packaged products using predominantly Australian certified organic ingredients and some certified organic imported ingredients. Organic & pesticide free ingredients maybe used at times if certified organic ingredients are not available. Our team create the recipes with 'organic gluten free nutrition' being the most important focus, naturally exceptional flavours fall into place. Our products are all handmade in our gluten-free facility & cooked at low temperatures to retain the nutrition within the ingredients.

IMPORTANT: If you have any health issues or concerns about changing your diet, always seek medical advice from a health care professional. By opening the seal of any SeedsOfLife product; the consumer accepts sole responsibility for the use and consumption of that product.
SeedsOfLife makes no claims at all about the health benefits of any of it’s products. All our products are manufactured & packaged in a gluten-free facility. All products may contain traces of nuts, including peanuts & date seeds.

Our team are not authorised to issue refunds please contact our General Manager at customerservice@SeedsOfLife.com.au 

Recall Policy


We take our compliance with the product safety requirements of the Australian Consumer Law seriously.
For our own brand products this includes ensuring that:

  • the products we supply comply with the product safety standards and Australian Consumer Law requirements;
  • we have appropriate policies that describe when and how we:
  • recall goods; and
  • compensate you for loss caused by goods with a safety defect;
  • we promptly withdraw and recall products that may cause injury to any person;
  • we report product safety incidents as required.

More detailed information about the ACL product safety requirements can be found at the following websites: Product Safety Australia or ACCC.
SeedsOfLife Product Safety Policy
We are committed to ensuring that all products we sell are safe and of the highest quality across all our businesses in Australia
Together with our Suppliers, we have a responsibility to provide high quality products and services to our customers.
To support this responsibility, we have in place a clear and defined product approval process. This process includes:

  • factory auditing (quality requirements);
  • product testing; and
  • inspections.

How to Report an Incident
If you purchased a product from us and wish to report a product safety related incident please contact customer service  0406558450 to report the incident.
Once we have your details and the incident your report will be progressed according to our product safety policies and procedures.

Product Recalls
Our most important role is to provide you with safe, quality products. We put our customers first including keeping them informed of any issues with products resulting in withdrawals and recalls.
Our response to products that have been recalled or withdrawn from sale is determined by our internal policy and the following priorities:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our customers and staff.
  • Complying with legal requirements.
  • Maintaining our reputation for quality products.

Details of all products recalled by SeedsOfLife in the past 12 months is available below.

Product Safety Australia
If you want more information about a recalled product (in Australia) you can use the links below to access the most up-to-date product recall information. This information is maintained by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
The ACCC’s website is Product Safety Recalls Australia. This website has information about all product safety recalls directed at consumers in Australia.

Food specific information
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) coordinates and monitors food recalls in Australia and New Zealand. Recalls occur after consultation between State food authorities and the manufacturer or importer. Information about current food recalls and what to do if you have a product that has been recalled is available at the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

Foods recalled by SeedsOfLife to date are below:

(Nothing has been required to be recalled to date)